Become a Pattern Tester

A little bit about what it means to test a pattern for CrochetHighway

Hello and welcome! Thank you for your interest in becoming a pattern tester for CrochetHighway. Before any pattern is released to the public, I rely on the support of my testers to make sure the pattern is the best it can be. If you’re interested in joining my tester team, please read about my testing process and your responsibilities as a tester below, and then fill out the application form at the end of the page.

Why test in the first place?

There are many reasons people love to participate in pattern tests! Here are a few:

  • Help me improve my pattern and make it the best it can be.
  • Expand your crochet skills.
    Try new techniques and stitches.
  • Meet like-minded people in a friendly environment and spark new friendships in the fiber community.
  • Get early access to the pattern and be among the first to make it.
  • Be a part of the designing process.
  • Crochet alongside a team of encouraging people.
  • Chat about yarns and get feedback from fellow testers.
  • Ask questions about the pattern and get real-time feedback from me or other testers.
  • Get featured on my blog and social media.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, keep reading to learn more!

The pattern testing process

Pattern testing is a volunteer-based process in which a team of skilled makers receives the pattern before publication, with the aim to crochet the item and provide feedback regarding, among others, yardage, measurements, and fit. This feedback is collected at the end of the test via a feedback form that will be made available to you at the beginning of the test. Photos of the finished item being worn on a human body are also required, in most cases, in order for me to see the fit.

Suggestions may also be offered during the test for issues such as incorrect stitch counts, spelling or grammar errors, and overall readability and ease of use. These technical suggestions are typically made as comments on the “shared pattern”–an online PDF shared via Google Drive, on which testers have the option to post comments as they go, view all other existing comments, and have instant access to pattern updates.

Communication during the test takes places via a group chat on Instagram. This is a great place to ask questions when you’re stuck on something or debate about color options and yarns!

In terms of deadlines, I try to set reasonable testing periods so that everyone can work at their own pace and not be stressed about an upcoming deadline. I set my testing periods so that you don’t feel rushed, but you have a solid timeframe to rely upon to make sure you get the project done. My testing schedules usually go like this:

  • 2-3 weeks for accessories and other smaller items
  • 6-7 weeks for sleeveless sweaters
  • 7-10 weeks for sweaters with sleeves
  • 10-14 weeks for larger items (e.g., dresses, blankets)

I’m well aware that life happens and sometimes, things don’t go as planned and you may no longer be available to honor a pattern test commitment. In such cases, communication is key! I rely on everyone’s timeliness to release the pattern, so it’s extremely important to me to know ahead of time if you’re going to submit your feedback and photos late!

Your responsibilities as a pattern tester

Follow the pattern as written:

  • Stick to the yarn weight and other requirements called for in the pattern.
  • Check gauge before starting, and also regularly as you go.
  • Make no changes to the pattern as written. If modifications are needed for a proper fit, please reach out to me to discuss the best solution.

Provide photos:

  • Provide at least one progress photo and one photo of the finished item. For wearables, you must also provide at least one photo of the item being worn on a human body. This however is not mandatory for toddler sizes; in this case, staged flat lays are sufficient.
  • Photos should be in focus, high-resolution, well-lit (preferably natural light) and showcase the design prominently. Please provide unedited photos only.
  • Give me permission to use your photos on my blog, pattern listings and across my social media to advertise the pattern, with credit to you as the maker whenever possible.
  • Whenever you post photos about the pattern on social media, use the design specific hashtag and credit me @CrochetHighway as the designer.


  • Refrain from sharing or publishing the pattern in any way, in whole or in part.


  • To help advertise the design, create a Ravelry project for the pattern and post your photos and details there.

My responsibilities as the designer

  • Respond to all pattern related questions and provide pattern support in a timely fashion. I strive to respond to all questions within a 24-hour timeframe. Please bear in mind that our tester groups are often international, with testers from all over the world, which means there are some time zone differences to be taken into account.
  • Listen to your feedback and, where applicable, implement edits and corrections to the pattern according to your notes and suggestions, both at the end of the test, and during the testing period.
  • Provide you with a live, updated document so you can easily keep track of all ongoing changes made during the test as a result of your feedback.
  • At the end of each test, all testers who completed the test receive the final version of the pattern tested, as well as one extra free pattern of their choice from my current collection as a thank you!

Apply to be a pattern tester for CrochetHighway by filling out the form below. Filling out the form below is an expression of intent and does not guarantee you’ll be selected to test! If selected, you’ll start receiving tester calls from me via email.

Note: Failure to complete the test on time without communicating with me may lead to your removal from my tester pool without further notice.