Carefully crafted crochet patterns, leaving no guesswork to the maker

Your benefits when purchasing a CrochetHighway pattern


Size inclusivity


All my patterns are size-inclusive.

Patterns for most accessories are written for 5 to 7 sizes, ranging from toddler size all the way up to adult XL. Garment patterns are graded for 9 sizes (XS-5X).

The pre-calculated stitch counts come in handy when you want to crochet something as a gift, and made-to-measure patterns aren’t an option.


Clarity and ease of use


All patterns are tested by a team of talented and detail-oriented makers. This is when most errors are fixed and suggestions are implemented in order to provide you with the best possible experience, leaving no guesswork to you!

Enjoy a clearly written, well formatted and easy to navigate pattern that you can use again and again to create your own beautiful crochet wardrobe staples.


Tips & tricks


Enjoy a clear and easy-to-follow layout and a bunch of tips, tricks and suggestions aimed at helping you achieve the best possible results.

All my patterns are well explained, with potential pain points made clear via tutorial photos. More complex stitches are presented on my blog, with more in-depth tutorials and videos demonstrating the stitch.

This just in:
The Bobblicious Pumpkin

Fun crochet texture on a realistic looking pumpkin

The Bobblicious Pumpkin is the ultimate super-stash-buster project to help you decorate your home for the fall season, stock up on handmade gifts for Halloween, and clear up those odd balls of yarn you have in your stash and make room for new ones! It comes written for 3 sizes but it’s easy to adapt the stitch counts, making it possible for you to use ANY yarn you have on hand, and easily create the pumpkin in any size you want.

The Outside the Lines Planters

Your plants deserve some crochet love too!

The Outside the Lines Planter Covers are a fun way to practice the waistcoat stitch while also decorating the plants around the house with unique and cozy covers! The idea came to me while repotting some of my potted ferns and Dracenas. I needed something nice to dress them up, and instead of buying fancy ceramic pots, I decided to make them myself.

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About me


Hey there! My name is Ana-Maria and I’m the designer and maker behind Crochet Highway. I’m a self-taught crocheter who fell in love with this craft well over ten years ago. I enjoy combining classic and modern styles in my designs, and my favourite fibre to crochet with is cotton.

I’m a firm believer that any complicated thing is always easy to learn if explained well. Thus, I aim to help makers overcome the hurdles of being a beginner crocheter, and encourage you to take the next step and take on more challenging projects!

Apply to test my patterns

All my designs are pattern tested by a team of talented makers before being released to the public.

I’m always looking for makers who are detail oriented, communicative, and aren’t afraid to disagree with me and point out an error. So, if you want to help out and get involved in the design process, please apply to become a pattern tester for CrochetHighway by filling out the form below.