Cosmopolitan Sweater

The chic and comfy batwing sweater for year round wear.

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The inspo

I wanted to create a sweater that feels both elegant and comfortable, has both drape and texture, and feels like a big warm hug when worn. Enter, the Cosmopolitan Sweater!

This batwing sweater will make you feel both comfortable, and effortlessly elegant. With loads of positive ease at the bust, it provides warmth and comfort, and the stretchy ribbing hugs your hips and wrists, keeping everything in place. All the while the alpine stitch pattern works its magic and embraces you in waves upon waves of three-dimensional texture.

The design

Construction: This batwing is worked bottom-up in two, almost identical panels, which are then seamed together at the top and sides. The neckline, cuffs and hem are added last and are easily adjustable.

The center point of the design, the batwing construction, is gloriously highlighted by a carefully thought-out seam at the shoulders and top of arms, as well as delicate, faux-knit details around the neckline, hem and sleeves. The stretchy ribbing at the hem and cuffs graciously brings it all together for a timeless look. For best results, this sweater needs to be blocked.

Choose a warmer fiber such as wool or acrylic and make yourself the warmest winter sweater, or go for a plant-based fiber such as a cotton or bamboo blend to create a chic blouse perfect for date night or just lounging around in style.

So, grab your hooks and yarn, and get ready to create the ultimate combo of eye-catching textures to add to your handmade wardrobe!

Check out the #CosmopolitanSweater hashtag to see this design worked up in a bunch of different yarns, or visit the #CosmopolitanCrochetCollection hashtag to see more pieces in this collection ❤️

The pattern

The printable PDF pattern includes clear instructions and a bunch of tips & tricks and tutorial photos, leaving no guesswork for you.

Are you a more seasoned crocheter who doesn’t need all the tutorial pictures? I got you covered! All my patterns, including this one, also come with a Consolidated version. This is a section within the PDF which has all the information you need tightly packed and re-formatted in a way that saves most paper while printing! 😉

The pattern also comes with a helpful row tracker, laying out every single row and stitch count for each size separately. This way you can easily check your stitch count and track your progress at any time.

Texture, details & comfort

Detailed PDF pattern

25 pages of step-by-step instructions & tutorial photos

Row tracker with all row & stitch counts for every size

Consolidated pattern for environmentally friendly printing

What you'll need

DK weight yarn

6 mm (J) hook

Tape measure, scissors, darning needle, stitch markers, pins & blocking board


Written for 9 sizes (XS-5X)

Includes instructions on how to customize sweater height

Ribbed cuffs and hem easily adjustable

Pattern support

Please contact me at thecrochethighway [at] for pattern related questions.

Yarn & yardage

This is a size-inclusive pattern written for 9 sizes (XS-5X). It has been tested for sizes 1-8.

You’ll need 1625 (1785, 1945, 2105, 2265) (2425, 2585, 2745, 2905) m or 1775 (1950, 2125, 2300, 2475) (2650, 2825, 3000, 3175) yards of DK weight yarn.

I used Schachenmayr Soft & Easy for sample 1, and Alize Lana Gold for sample 2.

Designer samples

Size 2

Schachenmayr "Soft & Easy"

100% anti-pilling acrylic
11 WPI
100 g = 235 m / 257 yds

Size 3

Alize "Lana Gold"

51% acrylic, 49% wool
100 g = 240 m / 262 yds

Substituting yarn

There are many factors that will influence the drape and overall feel of your finished piece. Chief among them are yarn weight, the way the yarn is spun, how tightly it’s spun or if it’s spun at all, as well as fiber content. In this section we’ll focus on yarn weight.

In this pattern, yarn weight plays a big role in getting the drape just right. When substituting yarn, please bear in mind that the weight category advertised on the label may often be misleading. The best way to determine the true weight of your yarn is by measuring the WPI (wraps per inch). The recommended yarn (the Schachenmayr) sits at 11 WPI (standard DK weight).

Measuring WPI

Taking a proper WPI measurement is super easy. All you need is a ruler and an object to wrap your yarn around. This can be the ruler itself, a pencil, or anything that has a consistent circumference. I like to use a piece of thick cardboard that I cut out a 2” square out of. I also prefer taking the WPI measurement over 2 inches instead of just 1, for a more accurate result. It doesn’t matter how tall the cardboard is, just cut out exactly 1 inch (or 2 if you want to be more precise) to mark where you need to start and stop wrapping, and make sure this surface is straight and even.

How to measure WPI of yarn

Start by wrapping your yarn around the pencil or cardboard tool. The yarn should be snug, with the wraps sitting comfortably side by side with no overlaps or large empty spaces between the strands. Don’t pull the yarn too tightly – the tension shouldn’t change the natural thickness of the strand. Practice this technique using a yarn that you know the weight of. Once you finished wrapping, count how many strands fit into a 1-inch segment. If you’re taking the measurement over 2 inches, simply divide your result by 2 to get the final WPI.


I wanted to see how a different WPI value can change the overall look and feel of the Cosmopolitan sweater, so I decided to crochet a second sweater using a different yarn, which is ever so slightly thicker and has a low-loft fiber structure (meaning it contains more fiber than air, making it denser). As you will see, this small difference really adds up. Also worth mentioning is that I went up in size for my second sample, as I’m in between sizes and wanted to see the difference in fit. The Alize, my substitution yarn, is also a different fiber blend and feels coarser to the touch, as opposed to the Schachenmayr which has a buttery, silky feel to it.

Even though the yardage per 100 g is virtually identical in both yarns, the Alize is actually a thicker yarn. This fact becomes even more obvious when you sit down and take a proper WPI measurement (9 WPI vs. 11 WPI).

To the left we have the Schachenmayr (thinner) and to the right we have the Alize (thicker)

Below you can see the WPI of the Schachenmayr and the Alize side by side. I can fit a total of 22 wraps per 2 inches with the Schachenmayr, meaning the WPI of this yarn is 11. Because the Alize is thicker, I can only wrap it 18 times per 2 inches. The WPI of this yarn is 9.

WPI of the original yarn (WPI = 11)
WPI of the original yarn (WPI = 11)
WPI of the sub yarn (WPI = 9)
WPI of the sub yarn (WPI = 9)


I found that Sample 1 (the Schachenmayr – the original yarn I designed this in) is softer, shows better drape, and is overall a thinner fabric that flows more easily and drapes like a dream. Sample 2 (the Alize) shows improved stitch definition, but has less drape, and is overall a bulkier and stiffer fabric.

Therefore, when substituting yarn, in addition to gauge swatching, I strongly recommend you also check your yarn’s WPI and make sure it’s as close to 11 WPI as possible (standard DK weight), to ensure optimal drape of the final piece.

Tried & tested substitution yarns

Looking for inspiration or yarn substitution ideas? Here’s a list of yarns my testers used and loved for their Cosmopolitan Sweaters:

When gauge swatching, always crochet a swatch bigger than 10×10 cm (4×4″) — the larger the swatch, the more accurate your results! You can also get an idea of the drape your yarn will create based off of your gauge swatch.


Due to the large amount of positive ease at the bust, sizing for this design is based on hip measurements.

XS – 36.25”

S – 38.25”

M – 42.5”

L – 46.75”

XL – 50.75”

2X – 55.25”

3X – 59.25”

4X – 61.25”

5X – 65.75”

The sizing for this pattern is based on the standard Craft Yarn Council (CYC) measurements.

This sweater is designed to be worn with up to 14 cm (5½”) of positive ease around the hips. Measure around the belt line (at your hip bone) and add 14 cm (5½”) to this measurement. Choose a size that is closest to this number depending on your desired amount of positive ease. If you’re in between sizes, size up for a more relaxed fit, or size down for a more close-fitting sweater around the hips. Never choose a size with negative ease.


Shop the Cosmopolitan Crochet Collection

The Cosmopolitan Sweater is part of the Cosmopolitan Crochet Collection – a collection which stands out through texture and size inclusivity.

Check out this series of crochet patterns for garments & accessories specifically designed to go perfectly together! Check out the beanie, cowl, gloves, legwarmers & boot cuffs, earwarmer, and shawl!


Check out my testers' versions

My patterns would not be so smooth without the input of my team of talented testers. Scroll alllll the way to the end of this photo gallery for some inspiration on various colors. Swipe left & right for more photos of your favorite versions!

Want to test my future patterns? Check out how you can become a pattern tester for CrochetHighway!

Size 1

Bella Baby Wonder 8 ply & Vera Moda Faux Mo

60% acrylic, 40% nylon & 78% polyester, 22% acrylic

Size 5

WeCrochet/KnitPicks Kindred

68% baby alpaca, 32% pima cotton

Size 1

Hebrabuena hand-dyed yarn

100% cotton

Size 2

Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Medley

100% acrylic

Size 7

WeCrochet/KnitPicks Provincial Tweed

100% wool

Size 2

Moda Vera Northcote Cotton

72% cotton, 28% wool

Size 2

Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend

50% cotton, 50% polyester

Size 1

ElleNor (Norma) Maxi Family XXL

100% acrylic

Size 2

Valley Yarns Haydenville

60% merino, 40% acrylic

Size 8

Lion Brand Jeans

100% acrylic

Size 2

Lion Brand Jeans

100% acrylic

Size 3

Yarn Bee Bamboo-tiful

50% cotton, 50% rayon from bamboo

Size 1

WeCrochet/KnitPicks Gloss DK

70% merino, 30% silk

Size 3

Ganga Soft N Strong

100% acrylic

Size 3

4 Seasons Marvel 8 ply

100% acrylic

Size 4

WeCrochet/KnitPicks City Tweed DK

55% merino, 25% alpaca, 20% rayon

Size 3

Yarn Bee Breathe Deep

100% polyester

Size 3

Loops & Threads Cozy Wool Merino

55% merino, 45% acrylic

Size 6

Plymouth Yarn Encore Tweed

75% acrylic, 22% wool, 3% rayon

Size 4

Stylecraft Bellissima DK

100% acrylic

Size 5

WeCrochet/KnitPicks Brava Worsted

100% acrylic

Size 5

Lion Brand Pound of Love

100% acrylic

Size 6

Lion Brand A Star is Born: Naptime Sieste

100% polyester

Size 3

Loops & Threads Joy DK Solids

100% acrylic


I’d LOVE to see your work, so be sure to shout out to me @CrochetHighway on Instagram and use the #CrochetHighway hashtag for a chance to be featured on my stories!

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