Crochet the Alpine Stitch

A crochet stitch tutorial

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The alpine stitch is a deceptively simple stitch which creates a stunning texture that is visible from afar. The alpine stitch is normally a 4-row repeat. In my patterns you’ll sometimes have to work complete repetitions of the 4 rows, or incomplete repetitions where you end the last repeat on the 2nd row.

This photo tutorial uses standard US crochet terminology.

The alpine stitch only really consists of a. front post double crochet stitches (FPDCs) plus regular double crochet stitches (DCs) on the one hand, and b. single crochet stitches (SCs) on the other hand. We alternate between these 2 types of rows to create the alpine stitch pattern.

Let’s crochet a small swatch as an example of a 4-round repeat of the alpine stitch. The rounds written in bold and underscored are alpine stitch repeats.

Use these instructions to check gauge for the patterns in my Cosmopolitan Crochet Collection.

With your main hook, start with a foundation chain of 22 (CH 2 does not count as DC here and throughout)

Row 1: DC in 3rd CH from hook and in each CH across (20 DC).

Row 2: Turn. CH 1 (does not count as SC here and throughout), SC across (20 SC).

Rows 1 and 2 do not count as repeat rows, they are the “foundation” we need to get the alpine pattern started.

Row 3: Turn. CH 2, *FPDC around next DC from 2 rows below (skip the beginning CH 2 from the previous row), DC in next SC. Repeat from * across (10 FPDC, 10 DC).

Row 4: Turn. CH 1, SC across (20 SC).

Remember! If the first stitch worked 2 rows below (row 1) was a FPDC, then the first stitch on the current row (row 3) will always be a DC, and vice-versa.

Row 5: Turn. CH 2, *DC in next SC, FPDC around next DC from 2 rows below. Repeat from * across (10 DC, 10 FPDC).

Row 6: Turn. CH 1, SC across (20 SC).

Rows 7-18: Repeat rows 3-6 three more times.

The gauge swatch is intended to be a little larger than 10cm x 10cm (4″ x 4″), so you can measure your stitch/row count properly.


  • Every FPDC is worked around the DCs from two rounds below.
  • Every regular DC is worked in the SCs from the previous round.
  • When working the regular double crochet stitches, regularly check to make sure you’ve skipped one single crochet stitch from the previous round, otherwise you’ll unintentionally increase your stitch count!

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