Crochet the Waistcoat Stitch

A crochet stitch tutorial

The waistcoat stitch, also known as the knit stitch, does a perfect job at masquerading as a knit stitch, however it is all created using our trusty crochet hook! The waistcoat stitch is a crochet stitch which, although a tiny bit nerve-racking at first, is a gorgeously textured and deceptively simple crochet stitch. If executed correctly, it quickly becomes a joy to crochet and you’ll soon notice you start picking up speed and your wonderful faux-knit projects will be ready in no time!

Step-by-step photo tutorial for the crochet waistcoat stitch

This photo tutorial uses standard US crochet terminology.

The waistcoat stitch is a variation of the single crochet stitch. The only difference is where we insert the hook.

Pro tip: Use a pointy hook to help you get through the vertical bars.

When viewed from the front, every single crochet stitch has 2 vertical bars that form a “V” shape (highlighted in magenta in photo 1).

Step 1: Insert hook in between those bars (photo 2). You should be able to see your hook coming out from in between the two vertical bars on the back side of your work as well (photo 3). Photo 4 shows an example of a wrong placement of your hook.

Step 2: Yarn over and pull up a loop (the golden loop – photo 5). Pulling the golden loop higher than normal is crucial to allow you to easily insert your hook through this stitch when you’ll eventually come back to work into it the next round.

Step 3: Yarn over and pull through both loops (photo 6 – view from right side, photo 7 – view from wrong side).

And that’s it! That’s all there is to the waistcoat stitch, also known as the knit stitch in crochet. It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, I guarantee you’ll love it! The beautiful faux-knit texture it creates is all worth it 💙

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