The Cosmopolitan Tank

The boho-chic crochet top for all body types

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Detailed PDF pattern

🖤 Step-by-step instructions & tutorial photos​.

🖤 Row tracker with all row & stitch counts for every size.


🖤 Pattern written for 9 sizes including instructions on customization.

🖤 Fits busts from 28″ to 62.25″.

What you'll need

🖤 Any DK weight yarn in the amounts shown below.

🖤 Your 6 mm (J) and 5 mm (H/8) hooks; I like to use my Clover Amours.

🖤 Tape measure, scissors, darning needle, 8 stitch markers.

Pattern support

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The Cosmopolitan crochet collection

The Cosmopolitan Kerchief is part of the Cosmopolitan Crochet Collection, a series of crochet patterns for garments & accessories specifically designed to go perfectly together. Check out the patterns below!

The design

What better way to enjoy the summer than spending time on the beach, going to a music festival, or simply lounging on your front porch, sipping a cold drink and taking in the evening summer breeze.

And why not do all of that while also looking sexy as heck! The Cosmopolitan Tank is the ultimate summer garment that will make you feel free, sexy and instantly in the mood to twirl.

Look good, FEEL good this summer! ☀️

This boho-chic garment is designed to look good regardless of body type, but don’t take my word for it. Scroll all the way down to see the amazing photo gallery that I put together with the help of my dedicated pattern testers. You are beautiful and it’s time to show it off!

The pattern

This seamless crochet tank top is first worked from the bottom up as two identical triangle panels. These panels are then joined together and you start constructing the tube top in the upper bust. The signature alpine stitch combined with a series of faux-knit bands create a truly unique design with limitless color blocking possibilities. The straps are added in a seamless fashion, and I was extra careful to make sure the join is as sturdy as possible, to minimize the misshaping of the fabric with wear. Oh, and the best part comes last ­– the fringe! I used a basic tassel technique to create my fringe, but this is an opportunity to truly let your creativity do all the talking.

The pattern comes pre-graded for 9 sizes (XS-5X), but it includes numerous customization options, so you can easily create a garment that hugs your body perfectly. I also provide measurement checkpoints, where you can check your work against a predetermined range of measurements to make sure you’re always on track.

Make it yours

You can truly make this tank top yours by incorporating your own color palette. The way the top is constructed provides ample options for color arrangement. Just take a look at these color blocked examples from my testers and you can decide for yourself which style you like best. I love how each version is so beautiful in its own unique way!

It’s all in the fringe

Even from the early stages of designing this top, I knew it will also make for the perfect beach coverup. And Kelly @kmendlar thought so too. She added extra long tassels to her solid color version and transformed it into a chic and breezy coverup. Just throw it on top of your swimsuit and you’re good to go!

Photos by Kelly @kmendlar

A calling for beads

I’m sure that from the moment you saw this boho design, your mind instantly went like, “Can I add beads to that?”. Well, it turns out you can and you should! Alice @justkeepcrocheting chose these gorgeous turquoise beads to embellish her tank, and I think it’s the perfect little something to elevate the whole look. Pay attention to the way she knotted the beads, encasing them at the bottom of the tassels. This truly is a masterful work!


Cosmopolitan Tank finished bust measurements:

XS – 28”

S – 31.5”

M – 34.25”

L – 37.75”

XL – 41.75”

2X – 45.75”

3X – 50.5”

4X – 54.25”

5X – 58.25”

The sizing for this pattern is based on the standard Craft Yarn Council (CYC) measurements.

This crochet tank top is designed to be worn with up to 10 cm (4″) of negative ease at the bust. When choosing a size, find the bust measurement in this list that is closest to 10 cm (4″) smaller than your actual bust measurement depending on your desired amount of negative ease and make this size. If in between sizes, size down.


For the tank top you’ll need 505 (595, 685, 775, 870) (960, 1095, 1145, 1190) m or 550 (650, 750, 850, 950) (1050, 1200, 1250, 1300) yds of any sport (CYC 2) or DK (CYC 3) weight yarn you can meet gauge with. You’ll also need anywhere between 90 and 230 m (100–250 yards) of the same yarn to create the fringe.

I used Katia Tencel Cotton for my sample (67% tencel, 33% cotton). I love how buttery soft and light-weight this yarn is, while also maintaining its shape and providing ample stitch definition.

Tried & tested substitution yarns

Fiber recommendation: For best results, use a plant-based fiber; avoid 100% cotton fibers as they have little to no stretch to them; opt for a cotton blend instead.

Looking for inspiration or yarn substitution ideas? Here’s a list of yarns my testers used and loved for their own Cosmopolitan Tank! Check out the photo gallery below to see each of these yarns in action.

Pro tip! When gauge swatching, always crochet a swatch bigger than 10×10 cm (4×4″) — the larger the swatch, the more accurate your results! You can also get an idea of the drape your yarn will create based off of your gauge swatch.


Check out my testers' versions

My patterns would not be so smooth without the input of my team of talented testers. Scroll alllll the way to the end of this photo gallery for some inspiration on various colors. Swipe left & right for more photos of your favorite versions!

Want to test my future patterns? Check out how you can become a pattern tester for CrochetHighway!

Note: The following yardages are exclusive of tassels/fringe. Since there are so many different ways to customize a fringe, the yardages from my testers only reflect the amount they used for the actual tank top. You’ll need another 100–250 yards for the fringe.

Size 2, using 700 yards of Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK (100% cotton)

Size 7, using 1202 yards of Cotton Kings Cotton 8/4, fingering weight (100% cotton)

Size 4, using 740 yards of Lion Brand Coboo, DK weight (50% cotton, 50% rayon)

Size 4, using 740 yards of Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo+Cotton, DK weight (60% bamboo, 40% cotton)

Size 6, using 873 yards of
Yarn Bee Bamboo-tiful, DK weight (50% cotton, 50% bamboo)

Size 4, using 783 yards of Hobbii Rainbow Bamboo, sport weight (60% bamboo, 40% cotton)

Size 1, using 490 yards of Lion Brand Coboo, DK weight (50% cotton, 50% rayon)

Size 5, using 994 yards of Millamia Naturally Soft Cotton, sport weight (100% cotton)

Size 6, using 862 yards of We Love Yarn Classic Acrylic, DK weight (100% acrylic)

Size 1, using 476 yards of Circulo Yarn Charme, sport weight (100% mercerized cotton)

Size 2, using 703 yards of Katia Tencel Cotton, DK weight (67% tencel, 33% cotton)

Size 8, using 1242 yards of Caron Cotton Ripple Cakes, DK weight (100% cotton)

Size 2, using 707 yards of Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo+Cotton, DK weight (60% bamboo, 40% cotton)

Size 4, using 735 yards of Lion Brand Truboo, DK weight (100% bamboo)

Size 4, using 735 yards of Ice Yarns Cakes Cotton Fine, sport weight (50% cotton, 50% acrylic)

Size 7, using 1236 yards of
Yarn Bee Bamboo-tiful, DK weight (50% cotton, 50% bamboo)

Size 2, using 737 yards of Soft cotton acrylic, DK weight (cotton acrylic blend)

Size 3, using 672 yards of Sirdar Snuggly Replay DK (50% cotton, 50% acrylic)

Size 2, using 711 yards of Caron Cotton Cakes, worsted weight (60% cotton, 40% acrylic)

Size 5, using 832 yards of Lion Brand Truboo, DK weight (100% bamboo)

Size 5, using 832 yards of Ice Yarns Cakes Cotton Fine, sport weight (50% cotton, 50% acrylic)

Size 3, using 801 yards of Lion Brand Jeans, worsted weight (100% acrylic)

Size 2, using 600 yards of Audine Wools Interlock by Knitcrate, sport weight (34% cotton, 35% linen, 19% lyocell, 11% nylon)

Size 3, using 660 yards of Katia Tencel Cotton, DK weight (67% tencel, 33% cotton) and Katia Capri, sport weight (100% mercerized cotton)

Size 3, using 680 yards of Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo+Cotton, DK weight (60% bamboo, 40% cotton)

Size 7, using 1090 yards of Lion Brand Truboo, DK weight (100% bamboo)

Size 6, using 986 yards of Etrofil Jeans, sport weight (55% cotton, 45% acrylic)

Size 4, using 851 yards of Premier Anti-pilling DK Colors, DK weight (100% acrylic)

Size 1, using 520 yards of Premier Yarns Cotton Fair, sport weight (cotton 52%, acrylic 48%)

Designer sample

Size 3, using 692 yards of Katia Tencel Cotton, DK weight (67% tencel, 33% cotton)


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