The Congruence Shawl

The one-cake-wonder shawl that's a dream to work up!

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Detailed PDF pattern

🖤 Step-by-step instructions

🖤 Row tracker to help you keep track of your rows

What you'll need

🖤 One cake of Red Heart It’s a Wrap in colorway Drama, or approx. 1000 m of any fingering weight yarn

🖤 Your 3.5 mm hook; I like to use my Clover Amours.

🖤 Tape measure, scissors, darning needle, stitch marker, blocking board and pins

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The design

The Congruence Shawl is designed specifically to be a one-cake-wonder project, making it the perfect WIP to take with you on vacation.

Using one single cake of fingering weight yarn (or approx. 1000 m), this shawl will work up in no time, and the meditative stitch patterns will truly allow you to relax while working on it.

The two stitch patterns mimic geometric shapes which drape beautifully when worn around the shoulders. And once you fold the shawl around your neck, they blend together perfectly in a mixture of scrumptious textures and colors.

The Inspo

In geometry, congruence is when two objects have the same shape and size. This is all I could think about while working on this geometric design – small, identical rectangles that, when put next to each other, form bigger lines, which, in turn, come together to form two identical triangles which meet at the center to create a beautifully textured shawl.

Texture and drape for days…

The stitch patterns create a fabulous drape that’s an absolute dream to wrap around your neck. All the while not giving up on the abundance of texture, even on the lace sections!

The Pattern

This crochet triangle shawl is worked from the top down and uses two different stitch patterns that alternate throughout the shawl: a textured lace pattern, and a solid stitch. The alternating blocks of texture will keep your interest piqued, but the rows will fly off your hook so fast, you’ll be surprised how quickly the shawl will be done! For best results, this shawl needs to be blocked.


Finished measurements

27.5″ (70 cm) height at center, 55″ (140 cm) straight across (the wingspan curves slightly downwards). Measurements are taken after blocking.


One cake of Red Heart It’s a Wrap in colorway Drama, broken down into individual balls of yarn at the start of the project (365 yds (334 m) of each of the 3 colors, total yardage: 1095 yds, or 1002 m).
Alternatively, you can use any CYC 1 fingering weight yarn you can meet gauge with, in up to 3 different colors.

Tried & tested substitution yarns

My testers used a variety of yarns in fingering weight to make their Congruence Shawl. Here’s a list of yarns recommended by them. The list is sorted alphabetically. If you’re looking for inspiration or a quick yarn substitution idea, this is the place to start!


Check out my testers' versions

My patterns would not be so smooth without the input of my team of talented testers. Scroll alllll the way to the end of this photo gallery for some inspiration on various colors. Swipe left & right for more photos of your favorite versions!

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Yarn: Woolberry Fiber Co. Berry Natural (Creamsicle, April Showers & Summer Storm)
Yardage: 1150 yds
(yarn A: 350 yds; yarn B: 400 yds; yarn C: 400 yds)

Yarn: Red Heart It’s a Wrap (Thriller)
Yardage: 1055 yds
(yarn A: 340 yds; yarn B: 365 yds; yarn C: 350 yds)

Yarn: Yarn Bee Rainbow Wrapsody (Cornucopia)
Yardage: 1000 yds

Yarn: Hobbii Twister Solid
Yardage: 1215 yds
(yarn A: 375 yds; yarn B: 405 yds; yarn C: 435 yds)

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly 100% Merino
Yardage: 1100 yds
(yarn A: 365 yds; yarn B: 370 yds; yarn C: 365 yds)

Yarn: Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/4
Yardage: 930 yds
(yarn A: 270 yds; yarn B: 340 yds; yarn C: 320 yds)

Yarn: Red Heart It’s a Wrap (Romance)
Yardage: 1055 yds
(yarn A: 345 yds; yarn B: 350 yds; yarn C: 360 yds)

Yarn: Frosted Stitch Icy Sock (Flakes) & Lichen and Lace Sock (Linen)
Yardage: 1350 yds
(yarn A: 515 yds; yarn B: 365 yds; yarn C: 470 yds)

Yarn: Louie & Lola Yarns Merino Nylon Sock
Yardage: 1200 yds
(yarn A: 790 yds; yarn B: 410 yds)

Yarn: Pigment & Ply Merino Linen Singles (Lilac and Gooseberries)
Yardage: 1100 yds

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Tranquility 4 ply (Spearmint) and Luxury 4 ply (Aquarium)
Yardage: 1300 yds
(yarn A: 885 yds; yarn B: 415 yds)

Yarn: Yes Papa Retwisst Soft Cake Yarn
Yardage: 1300 yds

Yarn: Red Heart It’s a Wrap (Thriller)
Yardage: 1225 yds
(yarn A: 400 yds; yarn B: 375 yds; yarn C: 450 yds)

Designer sample

Yarn: Red Heart It’s a Wrap (Drama)
Yardage: 1095 yds
(yarn A: 365 yds; yarn B: 365 yds; yarn C: 365 yds)


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