Symfonie Yarns & Lantern Moon Product Review

A new line of hand-dyed yarns and premium fiber tools from KnitPro

Symfonie Yarns and Lantern Moon just hooked me up with an amazing pack of goodies! This crocheter is now all set to dive deep into her knitting journey.

Did you know KnitPro just launched their first line of yarns, and they’re all hand-dyed and vibrant and squishy and amazing? The yarn I picked is a SW merino & nylon blend in a sock weight, but they also have several DK weights on offer, including a naturally dyed DK base and a silk blend I can’t wait to try those ones!

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Disclosure: The products I'm talking about in this post have been gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

The needles

I’ve been playing with my new magic wands and yarn, and I’m ready to share my thoughts and experience. In short: I didn’t know how much I needed a pair of smooth wooden needles!

I managed to get accustomed to the click clack of the metal on metal, but as soon as I cast on using the ebony Lantern Moons I immediately felt the difference. In a good way.

Don’t get me wrong. These babies are not silent. Not really. Rather, the sound they make is LUXURIOUS. Oh man, why can’t we have this sound in crochet, too? I need to film a video in a silent room showing you just the sound they make.

I love the silky finish on the wooden surface. I love that they’re lightweight and feel warm in your hands. And, speaking of luxury, the brass connector features a 24K finish!

“Bye bye T pins, I have upgraded!”

And the cable connection is SMOOTH, and I mean effortlessly so. The yarn glides over the swivel cable and onto the needle like butter. And OMG have you seen the cable tightening tools? Bye bye T pins, I have upgraded. If you know me, you know I’m a tight crocheter and sadly this tendency seems to be creeping up on me while I knit, too. And you know a tight grip and wooden tools don’t go well together. But what’s interesting and surprising about these ebony needles is that they force me to have a looser grip. And you know what? My hands don’t hurt as much with a looser grip. These may be a blessing in disguise 

The yarn

The 75% merino wool / 25% nylon blend feels soft and squishy, gliding effortlessly on my needles. The nylon adds durability to the fiber, making this a long-lasting project that will look just as pretty after many uses. I’m sure the crocheting experience is equally satisfying.

The yarn is a true sock weight and each hank comes with a generous 415 yards, which will be enough for a pair of socks, a hat, or a shawlette.

But why limit yourself to 1 hank, when there are so many color options available? Speaking of which, the colors I picked are called Peacock Green and Black Pepper. Peacock green is a luscious shade of teal leaning on blue, and it contrasts wonderfully with Black Pepper – a deep, dark shade which is a lot more saturated in real life than what appears on the website.

“Zero color transfer on my fingers”

After a gentle steam block, the fabric feels even smoother, and worked up on 5 mm needles it feels like it doesn’t weigh anything at all. While I haven’t yet washed my project, there has been absolutely zero color transfer on my fingers while working with the yarn, which is always a good sign that the colors were professionally set and won’t bleed through when washing.

All in all, I’m very happy with the way these yarns work up and the colors are beautiful, so I can recommend you check out the Symfonie Yarns for yourself!

The cute accessories

I cannot stress enough how much joy I get from tiny details and small, adorable accessories to have around my house and my box of tools (the use of the singular “box” and not plural here is totally misleading as there is no end to the pretty little boxes I collect for craft supplies). And this is especially true for my collection of craft supplies.

“They fill that spot in my heart reserved for adorable and pretty little things.”

The new line of notions and accessories from Lantern Moon fill that spot in my heart reserved for adorable and pretty little things. It’s such a joy to knit away with the gorgeous hand-dyed Symfonie Yarns while the chunky little sherpa is looking at me carrying more of my needles and notions!!

Visit the KnitPro webpage for more info!

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