Row Counter App

Do you ever wish there was someone to tell you exactly how many rows there are left to crochet in your sweater?
Or nudge you when you need to decrease in the sleeves without constantly looking back and forth between your project and the pattern?
Or maybe you don’t want to print out a copy of each pattern, but you’d still love to be able to draw on them and make notes as you go?

If any of these sound like scenarios you’ve found yourself in, then you are in for a treat!

Outside the Lines Planter Covers

Your plants deserve some crochet love too!
The “Outside the Lines” Planters are a set of fun planter covers you can make in any size, yarn weight, or color combo imaginable. The pattern is written for two different styles – the first two only require changing colors from row to row

Bobblicious Pumpkin

The Bobblicious Pumpkin is the ultimate super-stash-buster project to help you decorate your home for the fall season, stock up on handmade gifts for Halloween, and clear up those odd balls of yarn you have in your stash and make room for new ones! The super-rich texture of the bobble stitch, combined with the realistic short-row leaves and fun tendrils will make you want to crochet this pumpkin on repeat!

How to block your crochet garments

Welcome to my comprehensive guide about blocking, where I try to pull together everything I know and have researched about blocking in a succinct(ish) manner that will be an absolute pleasure for you to go over. Read all the way to the end for a bonus tip!