Aquarius Raglan

The Aquarius Raglan Work with multiple colors, but just one at a time. #MyZodiacSweater Disclaimer: Some links on this page are affiliate links. This means that, if you click through the links and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Detailed PDF pattern ♒︎ Step-by-step instructions and …

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Scorpio Mittens

The Scorpio Mitten is the fourth pattern in the Scorpio lineup, and it’s the most advanced of the bunch, giving you the opportunity to challenge yourself and truly master the art of interlocking crochet. Having previously completed an easier pattern, such as the Scorpio Cowl, will be beneficial before starting the mittens. The Scorpio Mittens introduce two new techniques: joining two pieces of fabric together while working in pattern, and decreasing in interlocking pattern. Just like the all the other designs in the #MyZodiacSweater collection, for the reversible section of these mittens you’ll only have to work with 1 color at a time, dropping the inactive yarn at the start of a round and picking it back up at the start of the new round.

Scorpio Cowl

The Scorpio Cowl uses the same reversible stitch pattern as the Scorpio Raglan and Beanie, so you can make yourself a matching set. Even though it’s the third design published in the Scorpio lineup, the cowl is probably the easiest to master. It’s worked from the bottom up in rounds and can be easily adjusted both in circumference and in height in order to fit your vision.