The Aries Sweater

Work with multiple colors, but just one at a time.


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Detailed PDF pattern

♈︎ Step-by-step instructions and tutorial photos

♈︎ Row tracker to help you keep track of your yoke increases and sleeve decreases


♈︎ Pattern written for 10 sizes

♈︎ Fits busts from 28.5″ to 68.5″

What you'll need

♈︎ Alize Cotton Gold and Alize Cotton Gold Batik yarn or any fingering weight yarn you can meet gauge with, in the amounts shown below.

♈︎ Your 4 mm (main gauge) and 3 mm (secondary) hooks; I like to use my Clover Amours.

♈︎ Tape measure, scissors, darning needle, 6 locking and numbered stitch markers.

Pattern support

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The Zodiac Collection

The Aries Sweater is the second crochet sweater pattern published in the Zodiac Crochet Collection – a series of crochet garments and accessories that follow a common theme: colorwork made easy. Use hashtag #MyZodiacSweater when posting your makes on social media!

The designs in this collection use multiple colors for a contrasting effect, but the stitch patterns are carefully selected, so that you only have to work with one color at a time. The inspiration behind this collection is my original colorwork design, the Starry Yoke. Check out the other designs in the #MyZodiacSweater collection:

The story

The Aries Sweater is dedicated to my crochet besties, Claudia @the_cotswold_crochet_lounge and Lucia @crochetwithlu who, being Aries women themselves, are passionate, bold, fun, and lively. Apparently, the Aries is the opposite sign to Libra. Well, you know what they say – opposites attract, and what better way to honor our friendship than with a sweater featuring the stitch that started it all! We share a special love for the alpine stitch – the stitch pattern which my previous collection, the Cosmopolitan Crochet Collection, centers around. And these wonderful ladies have been by my side ever since the beginnings of my design journey, back when the most complicated thing I could possibly think of designing was the slouchy Cosmopolitan Beanie. The Aries Sweater is a nod to that period in my life, and celebrates not only my two dear friends, but also the importance of having someone by your side to encourage you when you feel insignificant. The difference it can make is unimaginable!

So, Lucia and Claudia, from the bottom of my heart I would like to say THANK YOU, as well as Happy Birthday! 💙

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The Aries

The Aries Sweater is a seamless, yoked sweater worked from the top down. Using the popular alpine stitch and a minimum of two contrasting colors, it features an eye-catching dotted effect that looks different depending on the angle it’s viewed from – this means it changes appearance as you move! Using a single color at a time, this sweater will be a fun and relaxing crocheting experience.

Like most CrochetHighway patterns, the Aries comes with step-by-step instructions and tutorial photos including on how to complete the yoke, how to add short rows, and how to split for sleeves. Included is also a detailed round tracker, laying out the stitch count for all yoke and sleeve rounds, in all of the 10 sizes. This is a handy tool that allows you to easily check your stitch count at any given point, for that peace of mind that you’re on track and haven’t missed anything!

The pattern calls for sport weight yarn (category 2), but some of my testers used fingering weight (category 1) and DK weight (category 3) with great results. Check out the tester photo gallery where I share all the details on yarns and yardages from my testers!

Quick metrics from my testers:

  • Difficulty rating: 2.2 / 5
  • Average completion time: 40 hours

Designer sample

My sample uses Alize Cotton Gold in color 58 Navy as MC, and Cotton Gold Batik in color 4146 as CC (WPI=13).

I’m wearing the top in size 3, showing 1″ of positive ease around the bust for a comfortable but close-fitting sweater. Pick a size with more positive ease for the ultimate snuggly, squishy jumper, or go for a bit of negative ease for a sexy blouse that hugs your curves!

This design would also make for a great reversible sweater! The contrast color is much more vibrant on the wrong side, and it has a completely different look.


As I was working on my sweater, I noticed the 2-color alpine stitch pattern makes for a great reversible sweater. My testers agreed! The contrast color is bolder and more visible on the WS, making it look like a completely different sweater!

Tester highlights

Scroll down for the complete tester lookbook, where you can find photos, yarn & yardage info from all my testers, as well as certain modifications they made to their sweaters for the perfect, customized fit.

Materials and yardage

Hooks: 4 mm (main gauge) hk, 3 mm (secondary) hk, or sizes needed to obtain gauge. I’m a tight crocheter, so you may have to go down in hook sizes.

Notions: Tape measure, scissors, darning needle, 6 locking and numbered stitch markers.

Yarn: You’ll need at least two colors. A main color (MC), and a contrasting color (CC) of any (CYC 1) fingering, (CYC 2) sport, or (CYC 3) DK weight yarn you can meet gauge with. The approximate yardages required for all 10 sizes are:

Main Color: (1135, 1305, 1445, 1505, 1645) (1755, 2010, 2115, 2325, 2345) yds
Contrast Color: (560, 640, 705, 735, 805) (855, 980, 1035, 1130, 1145) yds

These yardages are estimate and reflect a full-length sweater with long sleeves. See the exact yardages from my testers in the lookbook below.


All my garment patterns are #sizeinclusive up to at least a 60” bust circumference.

Aries Sweater bust sizing:

Size 1: 30.5″ (77 cm)
Size 2: 34.5″ (88 cm)
Size 3: 38.5″ (98 cm)
Size 4: 41.5″ (105 cm)
Size 5: 45.5″ (116 cm)
Size 6: 50.5″ (128 cm)
Size 7: 54.5″ (138 cm)
Size 8: 58.5″ (149 cm)
Size 9: 61.5″ (156 cm)
Size 10: 66.5″ (169 cm)

The measurements above reflect finished bust measurements.

This sweater is designed to be worn with -5 to 5 cm (-2″ to 2″) of ease around the bust. When choosing a size, find the bust measurement in this list that is closest either to 5 cm (2″) smaller (for negative ease), or 5 cm (2″) larger (for positive ease) than your actual bust measurement depending on your desired amount of ease and make this size.

Tried & tested substitution yarns

My testers used a variety of yarns for their sweaters, in a truly amazing variety of color combinations. Here’s a list of yarns recommended by them. The list is sorted alphabetically. If you’re looking for inspiration or a quick yarn substitution idea, this is the place to start!


Tester lookbook

My patterns would not be so smooth without the input of my team of talented testers. Swipe left & right for more photos of your favorite versions!

Want to test my future patterns? Check out how you can become a pattern tester for CrochetHighway!

Size 1
Using Lion Brand Truboo (DK weight)
Yardage: 750 yds of MC and 391 yds of CC
Mods: Made a short-sleeved version.

Size 2
Using Ice Yarns Natural Cotton Air (sport weight)
Yardage: 1312 yds of MC and 612 yds of CC
Mods: None

Size 10
Using Wonderland Yarns Mad Hatter (sport weight)
Yardage: 1800 yds of MC and 825 yds of CC
Mods: I did 42 body rounds so that it was long enough to cover my stomach and did 15 sleeve rounds for short sleeves. I worked more ribbing rows in the collar to make it less tight.

Size 5
Using Yarn Bee Yarntopia (fingering weight)
Yardage: 1250 yds of MC and 880 yds of CC
Mods: None

Size 2
Using Scheepjes Whirlette (Crushed Candy), Whirl (Wink to Pink) (fingering weight)
Yardage: 832 yds of MC and 476 yds of CC
Mods: I added body length (extra 28 g of yarn used). I added an extra short row pattern repeat (extra 6 g of yarn). I did half sleeves, but did not add extra decreases to the upper arm because it was too tight to do so. Even with the standard decreases and extra short rows, the upper arm could be a bit looser. I did simple edging with a 5 mm hook, and the neckline is a delightful boat shape. I love it.

Size 1
Using Crocheted by Carisse (MC), Another Yarn Farm by Aliya (CC) 12-ply fine cotton (sport weight)
Yardage: 1016 yds of MC and 411 yds of CC
Mods: Made the sleeves short. Added 4 rows of short rows and 2 additional stitches in the underarm.

Size 4
Using Alize Cotton Gold and Cotton Gold Batik (sport weight)
Yardage: 1584 yds of MC and 795 yds of CC
Mods: None

Size 1
Using Alize Lana Gold and Cotton Gold (sport weight)
Yardage: 1508 yds of MC (held double) and 695 yds of CC
Mods: I only worked 38 Body rounds for a cropped length.

Size 3
Using Cascade Yarns Ultra Fine Pima (sport weight)
Yardage: 952 yds of MC and 544 yds of CC
Mods: I cut the length a little bit because I thought a tiny bit cropped would be cute with the simple waistband.

Size 4
Using Alize Cotton Gold (sport weight)
Yardage: 1574 yds of MC and 711 yds of CC
Mods: I made 3/4 sleeves.

Size 2
Using Hobbii Twister Solid (sport weight)
Yardage: 1220 yds of MC and 590 yds of CC
Mods: I added one 4 short row repeat and also 4 chains on the underarm. Also I added 4 more rows for the Arms and Body.

Size 4
Using Locally sourced 4-ply cotton yarn (DK weight)
Yardage: 1380 yds of MC and 500 yds of CC
Mods: I worked 4 extra underarm chains, and I worked 59 Body rounds.

Size 6
Using Alize Bella Solid (MC), Premier Cotton Fair (CC) (sport weight)
Yardage: 1685 yds of MC and 860 yds of CC
Mods: I did not start decreases on the sleeves until round 40, and because of my short arms, only had to do 68 rounds (no decrease on last round) total to be full length.

Size 5
Using Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply and Multicoloured Sock (sport weight)
Yardage: 1910 yds of MC and 875 yds of CC
Mods: I had to work extra Body rounds for length. Added 6 extra stitches to short row portion and worked this row using a 4 mm, next row worked with 3.5 mm, then continued on as normal with the 3 mm. I didn’t start decreasing until round 32, and had to “cinch in” the cuffs by slip stitching into next 3 for every second “rib” pair.

Size 5
Using Cloudborn Merino Alpaca Sport (MC) and Nordlys Superwash Wool (CC) (sport weight)
Yardage: 2200 yds of MC and 800 yds of CC
Mods: I made sleeves shorter and body longer.

Size 3
Using Ashley’s Crochet 6-ply Combed Cotton (sport weight)
Yardage: 635 yds of MC and 492 yds of CC
Mods: I added 6 stitches on the underarm. I added a 4 short rows repeat. I did short sleeves (about 20 rounds).

Size 3
Using Regia by Schachenmayr Classic 6-ply (MC) & Bendigo Woollen Mills Fine Merino Sock (CC) (sport weight)
Yardage: 1579 yds of MC and 815 yds of CC
Mods: None

Size 5
Using Berrocco Vintage and James C Brett Marble (DK weight)
Yardage: 1972 yds of MC and 890 yds of CC
Mods: Added a repeat to the back short rows. Chained 25 for the underarm.

Size 2
Using Alize Cotton Gold (sport weight)
Yardage: 1400 yds of MC and 650 yds of CC
Mods: 4 extra short rows and 4 extra stitches at the armhole. Sleeves decreasing in rnds 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80.

Size 4
Using Alize Cotton Gold and Cotton Gold Batik (sport weight)
Yardage: 1332 yds of MC and 649 yds of CC
Mods: I altered the body length. I did 46 rounds for the body plus ribbing. The hem of my finished sweater reaches slightly past the top of my hipbone with 46 rounds.

Size 4
Using Lion Brand A Star is Born: Oh Baby Organic (sport weight)
Yardage: 1440 yds of MC and 675 yds of CC
Mods: I added another repeat of short rows for more ease under the arms. Because of this, I needed to add more stitches when beginning the sleeves (I added 4 extra stitches because I had added 4 extra short rows. So instead of 7 stitches split evenly among short rows, I did 11 stitches split evenly among the short rows).

Size 3
Using Nako Baby Luks Minnos (sport weight)
Yardage: 942 yds of MC and 419 yds of CC
Mods: I made short sleeves.

Size 4
Using Nako Star Bebe (MC) and Elit Baby (CC) (sport weight)
Yardage: 1421 yds of MC and 583 yds of CC
Mods: I stopped at row 48 for the body and it was full length for me.

Size 4
Using Yarnart Jeans and Alize Bella Batik (sport weight)
Yardage: 1372 yds of MC and 206 yds of CC
Mods: None

Size 1
Using Ice Yarns and Woolly and Warmy Papatya Sundae (sport weight)
Yardage: 965 yds of MC and 420 yds of CC
Mods: For the sleeves, I made 52 rounds and ended with 44 stitches on the last sleeve round.

Size 3
Using Locally sourced cotton yarn (sport weight)
Yardage: 901 yds of MC and 573 yds of CC
Mods: I worked an extra 2 sets of short rows.

Size 2
Using Locally sourced linen yarn (fingering weight)
Yardage: 1132 yds of MC and 344 yds of CC
Mods: None

Size 6
Using Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek DK (DK weight)
Yardage: 1424 yds of MC and 680 yds of CC
Mods: None

Size 3
Using Ice Yarns Camilla Cotton and Camilla Cotton Magic (sport weight)
Yardage: 1245 yds of MC and 577 yds of CC
Mods: I did 3/4 sleeves, total 60 rounds.


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