The Libra Bag

Colorful. Sturdy. Functional. No lining required.


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Detailed PDF pattern

♎︎ Step-by-step instructions, tutorial photos & schematics.

♎︎ Row tracker with all row & stitch counts for every section of the bag.

What you'll need

♎︎ Scheepjes Catona or any sport or DK weight yarn in the amounts shown below

♎︎ Hooks: 5 mm, 3.5 mm (only for detailing). I like to use my Clover Amours.

♎︎ Tape measure, scissors, darning needle, stitch markers.

♎︎ The pattern lists all the optional supplies to take your crochet bag game to the next level. No lining required.


♎︎ Easy to make the bag taller, shorter, larger or smaller.

♎︎ Instructions on how to make and attach a removable and/or adjustable strap, base shaper, drawstring.

Pattern support

♎︎ For pattern related questions, please join my Facebook support group or contact me at thecrochethighway [at]

The Libra Bag is the sister pattern to the Libra Pullover! With a similar stitch pattern but modified for an improved drape, this sweater will go perfectly with your new bag.

To get the bundle on Ravelry, add both patterns to cart and insert code LIBRA at checkout. To purchase on Etsy, simply click on the image below:

The Zodiac Collection

The Libra Bag is one of the first patterns published in the Zodiac Crochet Collection – a soon-to-be series of crochet garments and accessories that follow a common theme: colorwork made easy. Use hashtag #MyZodiacSweater when posting your makes on social media!

The designs in this collection use multiple colors for a contrasting effect, but the stitch patterns are carefully selected, so that you only have to work with one color at a time. The inspiration behind this collection is my original colorwork design, the Starry Yoke. Check out the other designs in the #MyZodiacSweater collection:

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I proud myself with writing ultra-detailed patterns for you, so that your crocheting experience is as smooth and seamless as possible. But whenever you have a pattern related question, my Facebook support group is the place to ask. There you can also share your WIPs and brag about your FOs with the community!

The Libra design

The Libra Bag is a bucket bag worked from the bottom up using almost entirely variations of the single crochet stitch. The round base is made using the thick and durable waistcoat stitch, while the body uses a fun stitch pattern with a grid-like effect. The bag is closed with a drawstring at the top and the strap is added last.

The pattern calls for sport weight yarn (category 2), but some of my testers used DK weight (category 3) with great results. Check out the tester photo gallery where I share all the details on yarns and yardages from my testers!

Go for 2 solid, contrasting colors, or show off your creativity and create gradients on one of the colors! This bag has been worked up in so many different color combos, and they all look amazing.

The pattern

This upper beginner pattern has you covered with step-by-step instructions and tutorial photos for the trickier parts of the pattern.

After the crocheting is complete, I walk you through the next steps of the bag making process, with written and photo tutorials on how to make a removable and/or adjustable bag, how to make your own base shaper, how to make the drawstring. The pattern also lists all materials required. I also provide a brief example of how I added lining to the inside of my bag, however the pattern does not walk you through the lining part.

Like most CrochetHighway patterns, this pattern also comes with a detailed round tracker, laying out the stitch count for all rounds in each section of the bag. This is a handy tool that allows you to easily check your stitch count at any given point, for that peace of mind that you’re on track and haven’t missed anything!

Designer sample

I used Scheepjes Catona for my sample (100% mercerized cotton, 13 WPI) in the following colors:

Main color: 106 Snow White. Contrast colors: 253 Tropic, 514 Jade, 241 Parrot Green, 513 Apple Granny, 245 Green Yellow, 392 Lime Juice.

I’m wearing the sweater in size 3, showing 14 cm (5.5″) of positive ease around the bust. I also went for the bubble sleeves option, for the coziest crochet sweater possible. Adding ribbing at the neckline, hem and cuffs is one of my favorite ways to finish a sweater, but the pattern also provides instructions for simple, non-ribbed finishings.

I preferred mercerized cotton for this due to its amazing stitch definition, durability, and subtle sheen. The thing about 100% cotton is that after you stretch it once, it doesn’t like to bounce back to its original shape. This is not an issue if you’re wearing your garment with positive ease like me, since it will not get stretched during wear. But if you want to wear the garment with less ease around the bust, I suggest a fiber with some stretch or elasticity to it (like merino, or merino/nylon blend). Cynthia made her test sample with 1″ of positive ease at the bust for a form-fitting garment, using a wool & nylon blend, and I think it looks absolutely phenomenal on her!


You’ll need at least two colors. A main color (MC), and a contrasting color (CC) of any CYC 2 Sport weight, or CYC 3 DK weight yarn. Gauge isn’t crucial for this pattern, but if your gauge is different, then the measurements and yardage will also vary. The approximate yardage required is:

Main color (Snow White): 623 m (681 yds)

Contrast color (total): 313 m (342 yds)

Contrast color 1 (Tropic): 48 m (52 yds)
Contrast color 2 (Jade): 55 m (60 yds)
Contrast color 3 (Parrot Green): 55 m (60 yds)
Contrast color 4 (Apple Granny): 49 m (54 yds)
Contrast color 5 (Green Yellow): 58 m (63 yds)
Contrast color 6 (Lime Juice): 48 m (52 yds)

But of course, you can mix it up and pick multiple colors within the MC or CC! For best results, I recommend you keep at least one of the colors the same throughout the bag.


You can easily make the bag taller, shorter, bigger, or smaller. The pattern measurements are:

Tried & tested substitution yarns

My testers used a variety of yarns in both sport and DK weight to make their Libra Bags. Here’s a list of yarns recommended by my testers. The list is sorted alphabetically. If you’re looking for inspiration or a quick yarn substitution idea, this is the place to start!

Pro tip! When gauge swatching, always crochet a swatch bigger than 10×10 cm (4×4″) — the larger the swatch, the more accurate your results! You can also get an idea of the drape your yarn will create based off of your gauge swatch.


Check out my testers' versions

My patterns would not be so smooth without the input of my team of talented testers. Scroll alllll the way to the end of this photo gallery for some inspiration on various colors. Swipe left & right for more photos of your favorite versions!

Want to test my future patterns? Check out how you can become a pattern tester for CrochetHighway!

Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/6, sport weight
Yardage: 675 yds (MC) and 550 yds (CC)

Alize Cotton Gold, sport weight
Yardage: 600 yds (MC) and 300 yds (CC)

Yarn and Colors Must Have, sport weight
Yardage: 504 yds (MC) and 353 yds (CC)

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton DK, DK weight
Yardage: 558 yds (MC) and 486 yds (CC)

De Rerum Natura Candide, sport weight
Yardage: 540 yds (MC) and 266 yds (CC)

Caron Cotton Ripple Cakes, DK weight
Yardage: 450 yds (MC) and 447 yds (CC)

Magic Needles Kotton 4 ply, sport weight
Yardage: 800 yds (MC) and 600 yds (CC)

Magic Needles Kotton 4 ply, sport weight
Yardage: 710 yds (MC) and 350 yds (CC)

Premier Yarns Cotton Fair, sport weight
Yardage: 734 yds (MC) and 540 yds (CC)

Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn!, sport weight
Yardage: 360 yds (MC) and 156 yds (CC)

Scheepjes Catona & Catona Denim, sport weight
Yardage: 730 yds (MC) and 218 yds (CC)

Locally sourced cotton yarn, DK weight
Yardage: 710 yds (MC) and 437 yds (CC)

Hobbii Rainbow Bamboo, sport weight
Yardage: 765 yds (MC) and 232 yds (CC)

Locally sourced cotton yarn, sport weight
Yardage: 477 yds (MC) and 227 yds (CC)

Schachenmayr Catania, sport weight
Yardage: 650 yds (MC) and 328 yds (CC)

Locally sourced cotton yarn, sport weight
Yardage: 989 yds (MC) and 654 yds (CC)

Filati Estambres Económica, sport weight
Yardage: 525 yds (MC) and 820 yds (CC)

Scheepjes Catona, sport weight
Yardage: 681 yds (MC) and 432 yds (CC)


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