The Leo Tank

Work with multiple colors, but just one at a time.


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Detailed PDF pattern

♌︎ Step-by-step instructions and tutorial photos

♌︎ Tutorial photos to guide you along the way, video tutorial for the main stitch pattern

♌︎ Row tracker to keep track of the yoke repeats

Difficulty level

♌︎ Intermediate


♌︎ Pattern written for 10 sizes with instructions on customization

♌︎ Fits busts from 26″ to 66″

What you'll need

♌︎ Rosarios 4 Jardim yarn or any fingering or sock weight yarn you can meet gauge with, in the amounts shown below.

♌︎ Your 3.5 mm (main gauge) and 4 mm (secondary) or sizes needed to obtain gauge. I like to use my Clover Amours.

♌︎ Tape measure, scissors, darning needle, 6 stitch markers.

Pattern support

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The Zodiac Collection

The Leo Tank is the sixth crochet garment pattern published in the Zodiac Crochet Collection – a series of crochet garments and accessories that follow a common theme: colorwork made easy. Use hashtag #MyZodiacSweater when posting your makes on social media!

The designs in this collection use multiple colors for a contrasting effect, but the stitch patterns are carefully selected, so that you only have to work with one color at a time. The inspiration behind this collection is my original colorwork design, the Starry Yoke. Check out the other designs in the #MyZodiacSweater collection:

The design

The Leo Tank is a seamless tank top worked from the bottom up, using a beautiful two-colored stitch pattern. With clever shaping at the underarm and neckline for a flattering fit, and a set of flamboyant ruffle sleeves, this über textured tank top has it all – the grand, impressive shells are reminiscent of the mightiness of a lion’s mane, while the ruffle sleeves add that extra flavor of drama.
But if ruffles are just not your style, you can wear the Leo as a singlet and let the intrinsic beauty of the textured fabric do all the talking! With its wide straps, it’s the perfectly comfortable tank top during summer, and it also doubles as a stylish vest for the cold season.

Like most CrochetHighway patterns, the Leo Tank comes with step-by-step instructions and tutorial photos including on how to check for gauge and how to move from section to section in the bottom-up yoke, as well as a Row tracker to help you keep track of the yoke repeats.

The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn (category 1) in at least 1 main color (MC), and 1 contrast color (CC). My testers used a variety of yarns and colors to show off this design. Check out the tester photo gallery below to find all the details on yarns and yardages from my testers!

Quick metrics from my testers:

Difficulty rating: 2.7 / 5
Average completion time: 40 hours

Beauty on both sides

The Leo stitch pattern produces a gorgeous texture that is beautiful on both sides. The seam (which is invisible from the right side) can be seen from the wrong side. The strategic placement of the seam under one of the underarms helps conceal it, though. You can pick your favorite side to wear it on!

Work by Poornima @crochetonwheels

Switch the colors for a brand new look

Depending on how you pick the main color (MC) and contrast color (CC) on your Leo Tank, the resulting look will be completely different and unique. Take a look at these side-by-side comparisons from my testers who used the same (or very similar) colors, but assigned the main color and the contrast color differently.

Work by Swarna @threadsoflife20

Work by Sarah @sarahamalia_design

Work by Naomi @madebydrnome

Work by Vindhya @yarnsignature

Designer sample

My sample uses Rosarios 4 Jardim in #01 (cream) as MC and #35 (blue) as CC.

The WPI of this yarn is 14. Learn how to measure the WPI of your yarn.

This cotton and merino blend makes for a perfect summer top due to the amazing properties of merino wool (such as temperature regulation, breathability, and odor resistance) combined with the soft, lightweight, and breathable nature of cotton. In addition, this fiber blend will make for the perfect snuggly vest for layering during winter, keeping you toasty warm!

I have a 38″ (96.5 cm) bust and I’m wearing size 4 with 2″ (5 cm) of positive ease.

Tester highlights

Scroll down for the complete tester lookbook, where you can find photos, yarn & yardage info from all my testers, as well as certain modifications they made to their sweaters for the perfect, customized fit.

Materials and yardage

Hooks: 3.5 mm (main gauge) and 4 mm (secondary) or size needed to obtain gauge. I’m a tight crocheter, so you may have to go down in hook sizes.

Notions: Tape measure, scissors, darning needle, 6 stitch markers.

Yarn: You’ll need at least two colors. A main color (MC), and a contrasting color (CC) of any fingering or sock weight yarn (CYC 1) you can meet gauge with. The approximate yardages required for all 10 sizes are:

Main color:
(890, 1035, 1245, 1375, 1615) (1795, 1970, 2255, 2390, 2600) yds, or
(815, 945, 1140, 1255, 1475) (1640, 1800, 2060, 2185, 2375) m
Contrast color (excl. ruffle sleeves):
(220, 255, 310, 340, 400) (445, 490, 560, 595, 645) yds, or
(200, 235, 285, 310, 365) (405, 450, 510, 545, 590) m
Contrast color (ruffle sleeves only):
(85, 165, 165, 220, 220) (300, 355, 410, 470, 545) yds, or
(80, 150, 150, 200, 200) (275, 325, 375, 430, 500) m

These yardages are estimate and reflect a full-length tank top with no modifications. See the exact yardages from my testers in the lookbook below.


All my garment patterns are #sizeinclusive up to at least a 60” bust circumference.

Leo Tank bust sizing:

Size 1

finished bust 28″ (fits actual busts of 26″-30″)

finished bust 71 cm (fits actual busts of 66 cm-76 cm)

Size 2

finished bust 32″ (fits actual busts of 30″-34″)

finished bust 81.25 cm (fits actual busts of 76.25 cm-86.25 cm)

Size 3

finished bust 36″ (fits actual busts of 34″-38″)

finished bust 91.5 cm (fits actual busts of 86.5 cm-96.5 cm)

Size 4

finished bust 40″ (fits actual busts of 38″-42″)

finished bust 101.5 cm (fits actual busts of 96.5 cm-106.5 cm)

Size 5

finished bust 44″ (fits actual busts of 42″-46″)

finished bust 111.75 cm (fits actual busts of 106.75 cm-116.75 cm)

Size 6

finished bust 48″ (fits actual busts of 46″-50″)

finished bust 122 cm (fits actual busts of 117 cm-127 cm)

Size 7

finished bust 52″ (fits actual busts of 50″-54″)

finished bust 132 cm (fits actual busts of 127 cm-137 cm)

Size 8

finished bust 56″ (fits actual busts of 54″-58″)

finished bust 142.25 cm (fits actual busts of 137.25 cm-147.25 cm)

Size 9

finished bust 60″ (fits actual busts of 58″-62″)

finished bust 152.5 cm (fits actual busts of 147.5 cm-157.5 cm)

Size 10

finished bust 64″ (fits actual busts of 62″-66″)

finished bust 162.5 cm (fits actual busts of 157.5 cm-167.5 cm)

This top is designed to be worn with -2″ to +2″ (-5 to +5 cm) of ease around the bust. When choosing a size, find the bust measurement in this table that is closest to 2″ (5 cm) smaller (for negative ease) or 2″ (5 cm) bigger (for positive ease) than your actual bust measurement and make this size.

Tried & tested substitution yarns

My testers used a variety of yarns for their tops, in a truly amazing variety of color combinations. Here’s a list of yarns recommended by them. The list is sorted alphabetically. If you’re looking for inspiration or a quick yarn substitution idea, this is the place to start!


Tester lookbook

My patterns would not be so smooth without the input of my team of talented testers. Swipe left & right for more photos of your favorite versions!

Want to test my future patterns? Check out how you can become a pattern tester for CrochetHighway!

Size 5, using 1600 yds (MC) and 485 yds (CC) of Pingouin Bella Fashion 100% Cotton

Mods: None.

Size 4, using 1278 yds of Sheepjes Whitlette (MC) and 572 yds of Hobbii Evergreen (CC)

Mods: None.

Size 3, using 1153 yds (MC) and 318 yds (CC) of Scheepjes Whirlette

Mods: I added 6 extra rounds to the body for extra length.

Size 3, using 1032 yds of Sirdar Cotton 4Ply (MC) and 464 yds of Hobbii Cotton Kings Twirls Deluxe (CC)
Mods: None.

Size 3, using 1173 yds of De Rerum Natura Antigone (MC) and 356 yds of a mix of indie dyed yarns (CC)
Mods: None.

Size 2, using 910 yds of Hobbii Honolulu (MC) and 890 yds of Hobbii Twister Solid (CC)
Mods: None.

Size 2, using 995 yds (MC) and 465 yds (CC) of Yarnkart Diya Cotton

Mods: None.

Size 3, using 1040 yds (MC) and 480 yds (CC) of VIking of Norway Bambino

Mods: None.

Size 4, using 1039.3701 yds (MC) and 346.45669 yds (CC) of Bendigo Woollen Mills Galaxy 4 ply

Mods: None.

Size 4, using 1145 yds (MC) and 371 yds (CC) of Knit Picks Comfy

Mods: None.

Size 2, using 830 yds (MC) and 557 yds (CC) of locally sourced silk/linen yarn

Mods: None.

Size 3, using 1131 yds (MC) and 415 yds (CC) of locally sourced cotton yarn

Mods: None.

Size 5, using 1529 yds of Hobbii Sultan Deluxe (MC) and 390 yds of Paintbox Yarns Cotton 4 ply (CC)

Mods: None.

Size 7, using 1980 yds (MC) and 625 yds (CC) of locally sourced tencel/cotton yarn

Mods: None.

Size 3, using 923.2 yds (MC) and 272.5 yds (CC) of Malabrigo Sock

Mods: I used the MC to do the neckline and sleeve edging and the ruffles. The ruffles took an extra 27 g of MC, which is included in my MC total.

Size 5, using 1660 yds (MC) and 600 yds (CC) of Magic Needles Kotton 4 ply

Mods: None.

Size 6, using 1224 yds (MC) and 699 yds (CC) of Algodoes Selva Rustik Love

Mods: None.

Size 3, using 1200 yds (MC) and 450 yds (CC) of locally sourced cotton yarn

Mods: None.

Size 5, using 1600 yds (MC) and 415 yds (CC) of Magic Needles Kotton 4 ply

Mods: None.

Size 1, using 850 yds (MC) and 360 yds (CC) of Anish Sharma Cotton Baby Soft 4 ply

Mods: I worked fewer strap rows.

Size 7, using 1836 yds (MC) and 835 yds (CC) of Circulo Fofura
Mods: None.

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