Symfonie Rose crochet hook set - Product Review

Disclosure: The products I'm talking about in this post have been gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

My friends from KnitPro sent me their new Symfonie Rose crochet hook set to try out, and I gotta say these hooks are nothing short of amazing!

On their website, they say that “the art of crochet deserves artisan’s tools”, and that’s exactly what these hooks are.

Encased in an alluring, rose pink foiled box, the set comes with 8 single-ended crochet hooks in the most popular sizes: 3.5 mm, 4.00 mm, 4.50 mm, 5.00 mm, 5.50 mm, 6.00 mm, 7.00 mm, and 8.00 mm.

The hooks feature elegant grooves and a dainy little crystal, are made from rose-colored wood and are meticulously polished.

Needless to say, the Symfonie Rose Crochet hook set makes for an ideal gift for crochet enthusiasts.

I used them to work on one of my new #MyZodiacSweater designs, the Pisces Pullover. At the time of writing this review, the design is not yet published – I have yet to finish the sleeves! However, I’ve been enjoying working on it and I can’t wait to show you more.

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