How to differentiate the right side from the wrong side in crochet

& never again doubt if you're working in the right direction

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Sometimes, a pattern calls for you to turn your work after every round. While it’s seemingly easy enough not to forget if you’ve turned or not, the situation becomes a little less clear when it’s time for you to pick up your work again after you’ve put in on hold for a while. This occurs in particular when it’s time to add the sleeves on a circular yoke or raglan sweater which is worked in turned rounds.

Learn this simple trick to always identify which side you’re facing. And, the best thing is, this works the same regardless of what crochet stitch you’re working!

You just have to pay attention to the loops on top of the stitches, also known as the front loop and back loop.



When viewed from above, these loops tell you exactly which side is the right side (RS) and which side is the wrong side (WS).

When the Vs are pointing to the right, the right side (RS) of that last round is facing you.

When the Vs are pointing to the left, the wrong side (WS) of that last round is facing you.

You can remember it like so: pointing to the right means I’m looking at the right side, which also means that pointing to the left has to means I’m looking at the wrong side.

Take a look at these pictures to get a better idea:

This method will work for every crochet stitch imaginable, because all crochet stitches have a front loop and a back loop at the top!

And that’s it! Now you know which side is the right side and which one is the wrong side, so you’ll always know when to turn your work 💙


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