Stitch Tutorials

Step by step photo tutorials for stitches used in my patterns

The alpine stitch is a deceptively simple stitch which creates a stunning texture that is visible from afar. The alpine stitch is normally a 4-row repeat. In my patterns you’ll sometimes have to work complete repetitions of the 4 rows, or incomplete repetitions where you end the last repeat on the 2nd row.

The waistcoat stitch, also known as the knit stitch, does a perfect job at masquerading as a knit stitch, however it is all created using our trusty crochet hook! The waistcoat stitch is a crochet stitch which, although a tiny bit nerve-racking at first, is a gorgeously textured and deceptively simple crochet stitch. If executed correctly, it quickly becomes a joy to crochet and you'll soon notice you start picking up speed and your wonderfully faux-knit projects will be ready in no time!

The Standing Double Crochet A crochet stitch tutorial The Standing Double Crochet (US terms) or Standing Treble Crochet (UK terms) is a …

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