crochet tutorial

How to crochet the invisible join

When crocheting in joined rounds, the invisible join method is a neat and easy way to end your rounds. It produces a seam that is way less noticeable than the regular “slip stitch to join” method and, depending on the particular stitch pattern, it can be 100% invisible!

The photo tutorial below uses the single crochet stitch worked in back loop only (SC in BLO or bloSC) as an example, but the same method applies regardless of the stitch your pattern calls for!

How to block your crochet garments

Welcome to my comprehensive guide about blocking, where I try to pull together everything I know and have researched about blocking in a succinct(ish) manner that will be an absolute pleasure for you to go over. Read all the way to the end for a bonus tip!

How to crochet ribbing for beginners

This tutorial shows you how to crochet ribbing directly onto your project. It’s the perfect technique to add ribbing onto the body of your sweater, the neckline, the sleeves, but it also works great for other stuff too, like beanies, gloves, etc. Pretty much anything you want ribbing added to!