free crochet pattern

FREE – 2×2 Crochet Hat

The 2×2 Crochet Hat is worked from side to side, featuring crown shaping achieved with the short rows technique. The extended half double crochet and slip stitch pattern mimics the beloved 2×2 ribbed fabric from knitting. The crochet fabric provides a thicker hat with more structure, yet it is just as stylish. The hat is very stretchy and is intended to be worn with 3-6” (7.5-15 cm) of negative ease. Depending on your yarn and fiber, the elasticity of the fabric may change. This pattern allows for an easy modification of the circumference in order to account for different elasticities.

FREE – Bavarian coasters and trivet

The Bavarian stitch uses a combination of basic crochet stitches to create an outstanding effect similar to mosaic tiles. This pattern might look complicated at first but trust me, after you complete rounds 1-4, you’ll understand how it works – we add an increase every other round in between the corners, just like a regular square!