Bobblicious Pumpkin

The Bobblicious Pumpkin is the ultimate super-stash-buster project to help you decorate your home for the fall season, stock up on handmade gifts for Halloween, and clear up those odd balls of yarn you have in your stash and make room for new ones! The super-rich texture of the bobble stitch, combined with the realistic short-row leaves and fun tendrils will make you want to crochet this pumpkin on repeat!

This Is Not A Pumpkin Pumpkin

This crochet pumpkin features the waistcoat stitch – a sturdy and beautifully textured stitch that creates a dense fabric, perfect for home décor items. Also known as the knit snitch, the waistcoat stitch is not really knitted, much like this pumpkin is not really a pumpkin.

Santa Claus Amigurumi

Crochet your own Santa Claus  Amigurumi ornament to bring the holiday season into your home! This crochet pattern is perfect even if you’re a beginner: with step-by-step pictures and clear written instructions, you can create your very own Santa Claus tree ornament in just one day! Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or you just picked …

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